What are accounts and resources?

What are accounts and resources?

The concepts of an account and a resource are closely related to each other, but there are significant differences between them.

A resource is a macro-object of the system, which is designed for storing micro-objects (geofences, notifications, report templates, etc.). The resource is created automatically when you create an account because an account cannot exist without a resource. You can also create additional resources within an account manually. This may be useful if you want different users to have access to different objects because you can grant access to the whole resource at once. If you make unwanted changes in a resource, you can restore some of its objects.

An account is a macro-object of the system, which consists of a resource, a user, and a billing plan. When creating an account, a billing plan is assigned to it and at the same time a resource and a user are created (if an existing user is not selected as the creator). An account can contain macro-objects: other accounts, users, resources, and so on. Accounts are arranged in a hierarchy: all of them have parent accounts (except for the top one) and can have subordinate accounts (see Configuring service structure). It is advisable to create separate accounts for different clients. Thanks to the billing plan assigned to each account, you can control and limit the set of services available to users.

You can work with accounts and resources only in the Accounts section of the management system.
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