Setting up Maintenance

Setting up Maintenance

1. Create a maintenance under Service Intervals
  1. Unit Properties > Service Intervals
  1. Set the maintenance if you would like the interval to be by mileage, engine hours or by days.
  1. Once finished click OK

2. Creating a notification to be notified if a maintenance is coming up
  1. Select Maintenance Type

  1. In the Service Intervals field, input the Service Name that you would like to get notified on (e.g Oil Change, etc)
  1. In the Notify when left/expired, input how close you would like to get notified (E.g input 200 miles if you would like to get notified if theres only 200 miles remaining left on the Service Interval)

3. Registering the service interval
  1. Click the 'Event' button

  1. Change the type to Maintenance Work
  2. Check the Maintenance name
  3. Click OK

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