How to run a report

How to run a report

How to run a report:

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    • Autonomise Reporting

      Reporting Reporting: Select report from left-hand list, e.g.: Actioned Events Device First Reported Event Note – Fleet Level Last Reported Report Panic/Shock Events Select time period Select vehicles, fleets or drivers (depending on the selected ...
    • How to view a report

      How to view a report:
    • How to create a Speeding Report

      1. On the reports tab click 'New' 2. On the Type either select Unit or Unit Group. You can change the name as well. -Use Unit Group if you would like to run the report for group or all your units -Use unit if you would only like to run the report on ...
    • How to create a harsh events report

      1. On the reports tab click new 2. Select which type(Unit or Unit Group). We typically recommend Unit group so that the report can be run on all units at a single time. 3. Click New Table and select Events type 4. On the settings, scroll down and on ...
    • Report Categories

      This page contains a list of all report tables by topics. Tables are the primary way to display data in reports. Each table type has its own separate set of columns and parameters. Reports on units are available in the module Basic reports, reports ...