Quick Guide CEIBA Video Software - Playback and Export video segments from the SD card

Quick Guide CEIBA Video Software - Playback and Export video segments from the SD card

Ceiba Video Software 


Ceiba is viewing software specifically designated for a variety of VisionTrack hardware. This tool is used when extracting large segments of media from the hard drive of the DVR or SD card for a dashcam.

1.      Access the MiFleet Knowledge Base, click link CEIBA Software Article

2.      Click the following link CEIBA to download the Ceiba Software.zip file. Then Unzip the CEIBA application to begin the installation.

3. Follow the prompts on the computer to download the program


4. Launch the CEIBIA VisionTrack Software and enter credentials.

Username: admin

Password: Keep blank, there is no password

5.  Remove  SD  Card(s) from the Vision Track dashcam and if applicable insert into appropriate SD card adapter , then insert into  the PC ‘s SD card slot.

Video Playback and Exporting

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