How to Create a Speeding Notication

1. Under notifications tab, click 'New'

2. Select the unit/units/unit-group that you would like the notification execute from.
  1. If you would like the notification to execute from all units, we recommend giving access to your fleet's unit group.

3. Choose Speed as the trigger type

4. Choose whether you would like fixed speed limits or road speed limits
  1. Our system relies on an open-source information to provide the platform with data speed limits. Therefore updates will reflect in the system once we do a system-wide update(this is done quarterly).
    1. If you would like to update a specific road speed limit, you can do so by updating the road speed limit in HereMaps. Please see link for instructions on how to do so: https://mifleet.us/support/updating-speeding-alerts/

5.Specify whether you would like to get notified via email, SMS or both.
  1. We recommend customers to always check 'register event for unit'. What this does is save the specified notification in the platform and we can run a report in the future regarding that specific report
  2. Your account comes with a 150 SMS alerts per month. If you would like to increase the SMS in your account, please contact support@mifleet.us
  3. Email alerts is unlimited

6.Specify the text notification you would like to receive.
  1. Tags will be converted to the actual description (e.g %Unit% will be the unit's name in this example, it will be Romie-Honda Civic)

7. Specify the notification's name. In this case, we can name it as a 'Speeding Alert'
  1. You can specify what time this notification will be active under 'Time Limitations' table

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to support@mifleet.us