How to access MiFleet Apps

How to access MiFleet Apps

How to access MiFleet Apps:

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    • How to view and Edit your Logs/ELD

      To view your Logbook, edit your logs or export Logs/ELD data file, go to the “Logbook” option in the menu. The Logbook tab shows the logbook for the selected day and the Logs tab has a list with all the logs for that day, where you can edit an ...
    • Access Rights Overview

      Access Rights access rights An access right is the ability to see certain system objects and perform allowed actions with them. MiFleet users may have access rights to the following macro-objects of the system: accounts and resources; users; units; ...
    • How to create a new user and assign Read only access

      In order to create a new user: The "Can create objects" box should be enabled in the properties of the creator of the new user. Step 1 Login to the platform and click the Users tab Step 2 Click New, the New user window will appear. Step 3 Enter the ...
    • How can I add a new user account to the platform?

      New user complete setup **In order to create a new user account, the can create objects button should be enabled in the user properties** Please refer to the attached screenshot if needed Login to your MiFleet account & navigate to the Users tab ...
    • MiFleet - Enable/Disable tabs/reports

      There are two ways we can enable/disable modules/tabs in MiFleet 1. By hiding the specified tab 2.By disabling the module/tab from the account settings(CMS)