Autonomise Alarm Settings

Autonomise Alarm Settings

Alarm Details:

See MiFleet Support for assistance Device Alarms:
To view or edit Organization platform alarm settings, select the device type on the top right corner. Once selected, the current alarm settings for the device type will be displayed.
Alarm Type – allows Admin to adjust how platform will handle Alarms when triggered. 
Raise Event- event will be triggered within the Autonomise platform
Discard- platform will ignore the alarm selected when triggered by the device
Event Type- lists the event name in the platform
Event Classification- allows Admin to determine the severity of the event selected (Green/Amber/Red)
Channels- allows selection of channels to associate with alarm selected. When the alarm is triggered, the event will include video from the channels selected.
If changes are made, click ‘Save Alarm’ to save 
If a change is made, the option to ‘Reset’ will be displayed on main page allowing user to easily go back to the default settings for each alarm 

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