Autonomise Events

Autonomise Events

To retrieve, review and categories camera footage

Filter on vehicle and date range. 
Use   filter to search by:
  1. Fleet
  2. Driver Name 
  3. Event Type Category (e.g. Driver Behaviour, ADAS, DSM, Safety) 
  4. Event Type (e.g. Accelerate, Brake, Shock, Turn, Panic, Speeding, ADAS events – blind-spot detection, forward collision warning etc, DSM events – fatigue, distraction, phone use etc.) 
  5. Event Classification (e.g. Black, Red, Amber, Green) 
  6. Event Status (e.g. Incident, Dismissed, Footage Requested, Requires Intervention, Not Processed)
  7. Issue Category (e.g. Device Issue, Driver Issue, False Positive, Other, AI FNOL Assistant)
  8. Claim Number 
  9. Click  to view footage 
  10. Click  to download the video  
  11. Click  to request high-resolution footage 
  12. Click  to change the playback settings (e.g. speed) 
  13. Click  to view full screen 

Request further video footage (date, time, duration, cameras/channels and click [Send Request]) 
  1. Click [Lock Event Access] to prevent non-Admin users from viewing or requesting sensitive incidents 
  2. Click  to share event (via a clickable link) with another user 
Categorise event/footage by Event Status, Issue Category etc. Add notes where necessary 
  1. Click [Print] to print an incident form (PDF), including the details entered above. 
Tip: If you have multiple cameras selected, but only one video downloads, check if you have pop-ups blocked in the top right of the address bar. Select to allow pop-ups and redirects, then retry the download.

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